A member of the chicory family, frisee has delicately slender, curly leaves that range in color from yellow-white to yellow-green. This feathery vegetable has a mildly bitter flavor and is often used in the special salad mix, mesclun. Our Premium Blanched frisee has a higher percentage of blanched (yellow) leaves. Our Circus Frisee has virtually no green leaves and is a 100% usable product.

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Our Select Frisees:

  • Circus Frisee
  • Premium Blanched Frisee

Shipping Information:

Circus Frisee

4 Lb Box
128 cases per pallet

Premium Blanched Frisee

12 count per box
128 cases per pallet

Local and next day delivery
Overnight FedEx
Overnight delivery from LAX airport
Same day FOB pickup